Millennium ElevatorĀ Enterprises, IncĀ is a fully licensed inspection agency. We constantly follow any changes in elevator safety codes and Department of Buildings inspection and testing requirements. We are able to provide our clients with timely and accurate inspections on all types of elevators.

Our Violation Team offers prompt removal of any type of elevator violation as per current DOB requirements.


ECB Violation

Understanding the ECB Violation:

The owner must submit the necessary paperwork to the DOB by the cure date. If for whatever reasons, the papers cannot be submitted by the cure date, the owner must appear in court for a hearing on the date indicated.

If the ECB Violation is hazardous, the owner or his/her representative must appear in court for the hearing on the date indicated.

In case of a hearing, penalties will be imposed by the court decision, which have to be paid to the DOB, and the paperwork still has to be submitted to the ECB department.

Failure to correct an ECB Violation will result in a $1,500 civil penalty in addition to penalties assessed by the ECB.


PVT Violation

Understanding PVT Violation:

The owner/manager has 30 days to correct the violation. We will personally submit the paperwork to the DOB after the work is done.